Have you ever wanted to look like you tripped over your shoelaces while walking to work, yet still pay an exorbitant and exclusive price for your fit? Well, Gucci has you covered.

The luxury fashion house has come under fire in recent years for some of their design decisions. Facing backlash over a tone-deaf balaclava that looked like somebody wearing blackface, the Italian brand has also come out with an ankle accessory that looks all too much like a house arrest monitor, an "Indy" turban, and more. 

While many of the brand's decisions are head-scratching, even their less problematic trends tend to pick up nationwide attention.


The new grass-stained Gucci denim has just been debuted by the fashion house, who is selling them for $1,200. If you've got the dough, and you really want to look like you rolled out of bed and quickly changed into your dirty jeans from the week before, you might want to head over to Gucci's shop to cop them!

A similar pair of overalls is also available if that's more your style.

Peter Brandt/Getty Images

The new offerings are being roasted to no end on social media, with people picking apart Gucci for throwing this together and selling it at such a disgustingly high price. It's wild to think that a brand of this stature can get away with selling pre-stained denim at $1,200. 

If you're trying to go for this look at a lower price point -- and we all should be -- then we suggest heading to your local thrift shop, buying some light-washed jeans for $15, and rolling around in the grass with them.