When Gucci Mane heads to a new destination in the world, he tries his hardest to adopt the culture, respecting traditions and dressing appropriately. When he was in Dubai a few months ago, the Atlanta rapper could be spotted rocking a long white robe and a headpiece, fitting in with the locals aside from the ridiculous amount of jewelry around his neck. After failing to impress his wife during a surfing try-out yesterday, Guwop tried again by rocking a hairstyle made famous by Jamaicans, donning a hat with built-in dreads and proudly showcasing his drip around town. Posting a video to social media, it was enough to get a few of Wop's peers in tears, namely Yung Miami of the City Girls and A$AP Rocky.

"Mi a Rasta man TuRassss," joked the East Atlanta Santa, adding in a facepalm emoji to clown himself for his stylistic choices that morning. Garnering plenty of hilarious reactions in the comments section, A$AP Rocky was one of the most active, crying with laughter and begging him to bring the hat back home with him. "THAT HAT IZ A KEEPER," wrote Flacko. That man knows a thing or two about fashion so what he says goes on this matter. Yung Miami of the City Girls kept her reply simple, writing in some crying emojis in Wop's inbox.

It looks like Gucci and Keyshia are having the time of their lives in Jamaica. What do you think they'll do next?