Vinyls have made a serious come back over the past few years. More and more artists are starting to print limited edition vinyls for their albums and even more people are beginning to get record players to play them. Omerta Inc. is one of the leaders in bringing vinyls back to the scene. They've re-issued classic albums onto vinyl as limited edition offerings. They've printed seminal albums from Southern rappers such as T.I.'s  I'm Serious, Future's Pluto and Three 6  Mafia's Most Known Unknown. Now, they're revisiting one of Gucci Mane's most influential albums for a limited edition vinyl printing.

Gucci Mane and Zaytoven's EA Sportcenter will be getting a limited edition vinyl re-issue, thanks to Omerta Inc. In celebration of the ten year anniversary, Omerta Inc. will release two high quality pressing of the album with one of them to only have 300 copies released. The first set of vinyls will be released as a double LP onto red vinyl with custom gold splatter on it as part of the 300 copies and each copy will have individual hand number on them. Another general release will follow that will be more widely available. With a February 23rd release date scheduled, they'll be remastering the mixtape's audio for vinyl format and an updated album artwork by Kid Eight which is based on the original. The vinyl will be available at the Omerta webstore and from Fat Beats. 

Ten years after the release of EA Sportcenter and Gucci's still as hungry as he once was except he has a bigger platform now. At the tail end of December, he revealed the title of his next album Evil Genius and more recently than that, he's revealed plans to turn his book The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane into a motion picture. No updates on that yet but we'll definitely keep you posteed.

Check out the vinyl pressing below.