A shooting at a nightclub in South Carolina last night left two dead and 12 injured, Billboard reports. 1017 signee Foogiano was scheduled to perform last night at Lavish Lounge in Grenville County when shots rang out.

Greenville County Sheriff's Deputies said they haven't found a person of interest that they can name yet. Police responded after they noticed a large crowd of people emerge from the nightclub right before 2 a.m. Sheriff Hobart Lewis said there was "active gunfire from inside the building,” adding that the shots were all fired inside.

At this point, eight people have been wounded with two of the victims in critical condition. Lewis said there was a "very large crowd" at the nightclub for "some type of concert." Hours earlier, both Lavish Lounge and Foogiano promoted the show on social media. Foogiano and his crew are confirmed to be unharmed. Events at Lavish “have been postponed until further notice," they said in a Facebook post. 

The shooting comes as COVID-19 cases continue to spike in South Carolina. Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina is still imposing social distancing measures in an attempt to slow the spread. Police said that they are unclear whether the nightclub received an exemption to this rule.

Though the police haven't stated any persons of interest related to the case, rumors have been swirling on social media that the shooting occurred after someone attempted to snatch Foogiano's chain. Again, this hasn't been confirmed and is merely speculation on Twitter. We'll keep you posted on any more updates.