If you're in Atlanta, be sure to catch Gucci Mane at your local YMCA as he shoots out the gym on a regular basis. In reality, this is probably his personal basketball court and we're not sure if Guwop has a three-pointer but he's definitely got some handles from the looks of it. In a new video posted to his Instagram, the ATL legend showed off his skills on the court, transforming into "Hood LeBron" for a few moments to capture some finessing around the rim.

Gucci was playing a halfcourt game, manning the floor as he made a pass, got the ball back, proceeded to cross over his opponent and dive into the paint for an easy lay-up. He yelled "What the fuck" as he spotted somebody filming the entire thing, joking around with his buddies. On top of it all, he used his left hand, which is pretty impressive. 

Wop has been allowing his artists plenty of room to shine as part of his 1017 Eskimo label as he promoted Asian Doll's first project with the collective strongly on his socials. Of course, he also was in the video for "Kept Back" with Lil Pump, which was released on his unofficial holiday, 10/17. What do you think of Gucci's skills on the court?