Gucci Mane and the art of the tease.

Today on 3 separate Instagram post Gucci mane hinted at his upcoming project with super producer Metro Boomin. Just last week Gucci dropped similar posts hinting at a mixtape with Metro that could drop at anytime. Those post included the captions,

“Somebody dare me to drop this tape with metro ASAP...say I want do it!!!!” Following up with another post, "Metro. Guwop. New tape 🚨 saynomo.”

Check out Gucci Mane's post from today teasing the album. Of course fans are eager to hear the two Atlanta legends back on multiple tracks together. 

Guwop and Metro tape coming ? Sooner than you think ......

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Guwop: bro we should wait they not ready Metro: Fuck it crush em!!! 😂

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Metro: Ain't nobody tape this hard bro Guwop: I agree ☝️

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