Yesterday, the Trap Wars waged on, with Gucci Mane playing Captain America to T.I.'s Iron Man. And while it's been a minute since we've received a large body of work from the prolific Guwop, despite having been spoiled with three albums in 2017 (including his best in a minute, Droptopwop). Now, it seems like Gucci is about to embark on yet another musical spree of generosity, beginning with the release of his Glacier Boyz mixtape, alongside the homies Migos and Lil Yachty.

With that set to drop tonight at midnight, many imagined it would follow the pattern of the average high profile release, appearing on all major streaming services. However, it seems as if Guwop is feeling a little old school. This morning, the East Atlanta Santa dropped an interesting teaser, writing "Fuck !it I might just drop #GlacierBoyz for free tonite 14 tracks." Granted, it's easy to think of streaming as "free" at the point, but Gucci's specific announcement points to something along the lines of a classic mixtape release.

Does this mean Glacier Boiz will be made available for download, no strings attached? Seeing as Quality Control is attached to this project, it's hard to believe that they would completely abandoning streaming as a source of revenue. Admittedly, it's not quite clear as to what exactly Gucci might mean. Still, we're eager to find out. Stay tuned for Glacier Boyz, which is set to drop tonight.