In the past few years, Gucci Mane has undergone an absolutely incredible transformation. Ever since the rapper has been released from jail, he has completely turned his life around and motioned towards a healthier lifestyle. As such, the rapper takes pride in showing off his toned abs and fit body at every turn. That is altogether while encouraging others to step away from junk and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Considering we have now gotten used to this version of Gucci Mane, it is often easy to forget how far the artist truly has come. To remind us of his incredible journey, Gucci shared a jaw-dropping transformation picture which only attests to the progress he's made. GuWop shared a side-by-side photo of himself, precisely in 2005 and 2019, and revealed the striking difference. 

In one photo, Gucci is fully clothed, but we can see he was much bigger than he currently is. On the other, we see the Gucci we have now gotten used too with a chiseled facial structure drastically differing from the puffy face he had in 2005. Moreover, his ripped body and protruding abs only reflect the discipline and dedication the rapper has put into his health and well-being in the past years. 

Good look, Gucci!