Although we haven't seen any lack of Gucci Mane music these days, we won't actually be seeing the rapper himself for another three years. His legal battles continue to thrive, and he was sentenced to another three years in prison following his assault on a fan back in March 2013.

You'll recall that GuWop hit an unsuspecting fan on the head with a champagne bottle, and the fan happened to be an army veteran which definitely didn't help Gucci's cause. The fan approached Gucci for an autograph while he was at an Atlanta nightclub, and received a bottle to his head as a result. Although Gucci originally plead not guilty to aggravated assault, now Fulton County Superior Court Judge Tom Campbell has sentenced him to three years in prison for the incident.

Gucci was recently sentenced to 39 months in prison on a separate firearms charge, but because of time served he only has 28 months to go. This new sentence will run concurrently with that one.

Gucci recently delivered a new album while he was locked up, Mr. Perfect, which you can stream here. There's still plenty more content planned for the Bricksquad rapper.