Gucci Mane and his former Bricksquad affiliate Waka Flocka have been beefing for awhile now. Things heated up again on Twitter between the two over the weekend, and it extended over until yesterday when Gucci went at just about everybody on Twitter.

The Fader is reporting on what may be a reason for his rant—but there’s also Gucci Mane’s brother tweeting that GuWop was hacked.  The Fader reports that an anonymous rep for Atlantic says that Gucci is no longer with the label. “He’s not with Atlantic anymore.” The rep continued, “Not sure how the deal ended, it may have been a time thing.”

On top of this, Gucci is apparently no longer working with his manager Kevin “Coach K” Lee. The Atlantic rep said, “It looks like it just wasn’t working out with Coach—which based on the tweets and his behavior, one could see why.”

Another story that’s been circulating is that Gucci was hacked—it’s not clear if that’s true or not though. On Twitter, Gucci’s account has retweeted tweets from @YoungThrowback that claim that Gucci was hacked.

No word from Gucci himself at this point, stay tuned.

[UPDATE: Gucci Mane Says He Was Hacked]

We've finally heard from Gucci Mane on all his crazy Twitter shenanigans and GuWop says his account was hacked by his ex-manager (read above for more details on that).  

Of course, this was not before he promoted his new album Diary Of A Trap God which is on iTunes now, and which he proceeded to give away for free. 

Pretty standard.