Gucci Mane may be behind bars but that doesn't stop him from raking in the dough. So how exactly does he do it? Noisey decided to find out and they got in touch with Ronald “Caveman” Rosario (AKA Gucci's "Money Guy" and co-executive producer for his The State vs. Radric Davis II: The Caged Bird Sings) who told us, basically, that Gucci has a large amount of material already recorded and loaded in the barrel.

Which is to say that they can essentially cut and paste verses, recorded during Gucci's time spent as a free man, onto whichever track pleases them, leading Caveman to go on the record saying, "we could drop three albums a year for the next three years and still have enough material for another three years."

But how exactly did he net a full mil last year? Well, Caveman convinced Gucci that he was giving away content for free when giving up music to places like "Livemixtapes" and convinced the rapper to sell his projects online. So, those three 1017 projects released last year helped him net that cash.

Remember, last December it became apparent Gucci could very well spend the next 20 years behind bars, but from the looks of things he might stay musically active well into his sentence, if it is to be so.