It’s safe to say Gucci Mane is one of the hardest working rappers in the game. After he dropped off his Mr. Davis album last month, the ATL rapper announced that he had another album on the way called El Gato The Human Glacier, which would serve as his 4th project of 2017. "I'm naming my next album El Gato the Human Glacier," Gucci announced, via Twitter. "I wanna make 10 mo million for my honeymoon,” he added.

Having been relatively quiet since this announcement however, other than a few features & video for “The Curve” with The Weeknd, Gucci returned to the scene a couple days ago and informed us that the project’s first single was dropping this Friday, December 1st, but unfortunately that didn’t happen as planned. Instead, Gucci decided to hop on Instagram Friday and tease the single from his pool, asking fans if he should drop it?

“Should I drop this song off #ElGatoTheHumanGlacier ???” he captioned his IG post, while previewing the song over his speakers while he hung out in his pool.

"I'm never going broke broke broke broke/ It look like we sellin' dope dope dope dope/ Fur coat on know Im the goat goat goat got/ My foot on niggas throat throat throat throat,” Gucci spits in the clip.

There's still no word when the single will be dropping, but I wouldn't be surprised if it arrives this weekend sometime. 

Check out the snippet (below) and let us know what you think! Sounding fire or nah?