Gucci Mane is in and out of jail so often it's sometimes hard to keep track. The rapper had been arrested in April, and was released on bail shortly after, but he was then arrested (again) the next day, and went to jail for nearly three weeks. Gucci was released on bond (again) almost two weeks ago, and he appeared in court today for his assault incident involving a fan.

GuWop pled not guilty in court to aggravated assault. The incident occured in March when Gucci had been approached by a fan, who also happened to be an Afghanistan vet, at a concert in Atlanta. When the fan had dared to ask a for a photograph, Gucci did not respond well, and broke a champagne bottle on his head. The victim was left with a gash.

No further details have been provided on Gucci's court date today, but we'll keep you updated.