Just the other day we found out that Flava Flav is taking a plea deal in his domestic violence case, and now it looks like another rapper may be following suit (although these cases are completely unrelated). Gucci Mane is reportedly in negotiations for a plea deal, in order to avoid heading to trial. This stems from two incidents dating back to September, when GuWop threatened police officers with firearms.

Radar Online reports today that recent legal documents they have obtained state "All parties anticipate resolution without the need of a trial." The U.S. government lawyers as well as Gucci are asking the judge to push Gucci's trial date (which was actually set for yesterday, April 15th) in order to complete their plea deal negotiations. 

The documents continue to read, "The parties believe they may have resolved this matter subject to certain approvals including a meeting with the Court. However, due to various schedule conflicts, counsel have been unable to finalize the matter and given defense counsels respective absence from the jurisdiction over the next week, will be unable to finalize the matter prior to the trial date."

Gucci Mane is facing up to 20 years in prison on federal gun charges, so taking a plea deal would be a good solution as he would be able to avoid jail time, or at least do less of it.