Gucci Mane has lost $270,000 in lawsuit with his jewellers. 

The jewellery company in Georgia initially sued Gucci for stealing a large amount of diamonds, and they won, TMZ reports.

A&A Diamonds filed the suit, claiming that they loaned Gucci a diamond pinky ring worth  $130,000, as well as a diamond necklace and bracelet worth $110,000. According to the suit, Gucci had fifteen days to return the items or hand over the amount they're worth, but he did neither, forking over only $40,000.

A&A sued for a total of $274,523.34, which includes the cost of the diamonds as well as interest & attorney's fees. Gucci failed to show up in court, so a default judgement was made against him in April, and a lien was placed on the rapper's property.

He has yet to respond to the action taken against him.