We saw a lot of crossovers in 2016, into 2017. Donald Trumped crossed over the lines of the celebrity world to step into the political world when he became the 45th President of The United States. Balenciaga crossed over the lines of the fashion world and stepped into the political world when they debuted their Fall 2017 collection inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders at fashion week.

Now it looks like Gucci Mane is crossing over the lines of the hip hop world in order to step into the fashion world as he takes over Vogue Magazine's Snapchat for Superbowl Sunday. Earlier today Vogue and Gucci Mane shared the news via Twitter. 

While it may seem a bit peculiar for the fashion giant and Atlanta legend to cross paths in this way, Gucci Mane seems right at home as he takes snaps of his wife's huge ring, his super icy watch and records videos of Lil Wayne playing in the car ride to the stadium, all from Vogue's account. 

Check out some of the videos below and follow Vogue Magazine to see more of Gucci Mane's takeover.