East Atlanta Santa. Guwop. Evil Genius. And of course, Gucci Mane. Such are the many titles of one Radric Davis, who is looking to expand his list of monikers even further. Taking to Instagram, the legendary rapper has announced the hunt for his new alias, opening the door for fan suggestions.

It's hard to say whether or not he'll be taking the ideas seriously, and developing an alter-ego accordingly. Should something actually pique his interest, it might be interesting to see if he begins repping the persona on record. 

As they say, there are levels to this sh*t. Gucci, who boasts a proud affinity for ice, is rocking a sweater possessing Canadian iconography; consider that Canada is known for chilly temperatures, especially during their notoriously merciless winters. Not only that, but his sweater also features a similar color scheme as the Colorado hockey team, better known as the Avalanche. Coincidence? 

Should you be feeling creative, be sure to slide into Guwop's DMs with your suggestions.