On May 26, Gucci Mane walked out of a federal correctional center and right into the studio. He has seldom left since. In a conversation with The Fader, Gucci's go-to producer Zaytoven, who was featured in HNHH's most recent installment of Behind the Beat, confirmed that Gucci has recorded "a whole album and them some" in the past month.

Zaytoven explained that many of the songs that Gucci has recorded were written during his stint in jail. “A few songs we did right off the muscle [after reuniting], but the majority was already written," he said. "Since he was locked up for so long, he sat down and wrote songs."

Gucci has worked almost exclusively with Zaytoven and Mike Will Made-It since being released. “It was an exciting feeling," said Zaytoven of the moment he was reunited with Gucci. "I seen him and he looked totally different. We hugged, we talked for maybe 10 minutes, and after that it was back to work. Just like old times: I’m making the beat and he’s recording real fast. And we’re sitting back listening to it, laughing.”

Zaytoven seemed confident that the music he and Gucci have been cooking will refresh and revitalize the always thrilling but occasionally repetitive ATL trap scene. “I know I made two or three that are like, vintage Zaytoven and Gucci. And we hit you with the new stuff that you ain’t ever heard before,” he said. “There was a void in trap music for a long time and Gucci is coming back to fill the void. I think this is his biggest stage yet. I think he’s going to rise to the occasion, with the music that everybody has been missing all this time."

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