Gucci Mane discovered opulence at the most convenient time - everything within his means. His wife Keyshia Ka’Oir celebrate her birthday yesterday evening, and by the looks of it, no expense was spared. Let's start with his gift of a 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan in scarlet red. The night's agenda was timed effectively. First, Gucci Mane gives her the keys to the Rolls-Royce truck; they manage a photo or three, which she later posts on her Instagram in a boastful manner - but would you with the roles reversed.

A video reel posted by Keyshia Ka’Oir on the same platform gives us a better idea of how committed Gucci Mane was to honoring the "scarlet red" theme to a tee. Gucci's sparkling red tuxedo matches Keyshia's sparkling red evening gown, all leading back to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan wrapped in a celebratory red bow. Once they arrive at their destination, Gucci Mane exits the car and proceeds to open the door for Keyshia out of pure chivalry.

Inevitably, Gucci and Keyshia's showiness attracted a fair share of negative backtalk along the way, mostly centered around the rapper's in-court dismissal of a child support issue. Social media users pointed to the fact Gucci Mane claimed he couldn't afford the increase in alimony his baby mother was requesting. I think it's pretty clear to the eye, Guwop has money to spare, but I'll reserve any further judgment until I'm called to the stand. Happy Birthday Keyshia, scarlet red suits you just fine.