Rap beefs seem to be popping up all over the place, and one of the key figures in a couple of the more notable beefs is Gucci Mane, who is never afraid to speak openly, or hate openly.  In a recent video of a behind the scenes shoot following Rocko, one of Gucci’s affiliates, Mane had some unflattering things to say about Nas.

Rocko was discussing with the man filming the scenes how impressed he was with Nas’ numbers on his most recent hit album Life Is Good, and how it was accomplished with minimal marketing and promotion. 

Gucci then came into the studio and chimed in, and said that the Queensbridge veteran actually doesn’t have much, even saying “Nas fucked up right now.”  He then continued to talk about the rides him and Rocko has, and insinuates Nas has nothing. 

“Did Nas make 150 blood money first week off a mixtape? Yeah, blood money. Nas fucked up right now,” Gucci said in an interview posted on Complex.  He then continued, speaking to Rocko, “You got a Rolls Royce. I just bought me a ... Don’t you got a drop top and your brother got one with the hard top? You got the white one and I am getting the black one?,” then asks, “ Nas got one?”

It will be interesting to see if Nas catches wind of this and bothers responding, or if any type of friction comes out of this.