With the NBA All Star reserves set to be announced tomorrow, January 31, it looks like Gucci Mane is making a late campaign to be featured in the Celebrity version of the All Star Game.

Gucci recently shared footage from a pickup game on instagram, showcasing his "Air Wizop" skyhook following a fundamentally sound pump fake in the corner. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would be proud of the sweeping hook and grace put on display by Guwop - it was nothing short of beautiful.

The 2019 Celebrity All Star Game rosters have not yet been announced, but we'd all love to see the Atlanta-native get a chance to debut the "Air Wizop" on the court in Charlotte next month.

Last year, Quavo earned MVP honors in the Celebrity Game after scoring 19 points. This year's Celebrity Game will take place on Friday, February 15 at 7pm ET, just before the annual Rising Stars Challenge.

Click here for details about the annual Team World vs Team USA game, and look out for the All Star reserves announcement tomorrow night at 7pm ET on TNT.