If there's one thing that Gucci Mane does better than his contemporaries, it's flexing. Unfortunately, it looks like his constant flexing has come back to haunt him in some sort of way. The rapper's baby mother, Sheena Evans, is looking for a major increase in child support payment and Big GuWop is clearly not down for that.

According to TheBlast, Gucci Mane has denied that he lives an unnecessarily lavish lifestyle in response to Evans request that he cough up more dough in child support payments. Evans previously sued Gucci Mane for a major increase in child support for their 11-year-old son, Keitheon. Although Gucci Mane is already paying her $2,076 in child support payments each month, she wants it increased to $20K. The request for an increase in child support payments was based on Gucci Mane's career over the past few years. She said Gucci Mane wasn't making as much money back then, but over the past few years, he's been banking it from his career which includes his major comeback after prison and his BET wedding special. Additionally, Evans is also citing Gucci's wedding to Keyshia Ka'Oir -- which reportedly costed $1M -- as an example of his lavish lifestyle.

Gucci Mane has since responded to the suit and completely denied that his wedding actually costed $1M. He also said that his income hasn't changed since 2011 and that he's been paying for the child's medical expenses and health insurance. He wants the entire case thrown out and doesn't think that an increase in child support payments to Evans is necessary.