It's not uncommon for a rapper to boldly dub themselves the GOAT. LL Cool J has done it. Eminem has done it. CyHi The Prynce has done it. And they are but a few of the emcees who have dubbed themselves worthy of the coveted title. Ultimately, many names have been thrown into the mix by fans and critics alike; we've even developed a feature highlighting some of the unconventional candidates, like Ice Cube, DJ Quik, Big Boi, and DMX. Yet when GOAT discourse comes around, there are always a few staples: Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Nas come to mind. But what about Gucci Mane?

After all, there are few emcees who have enjoyed such a prolific run as the East Atlanta Santa, with twelve studio albums and a seemingly endless barrage of mixtapes. This year alone, a revitalized Guwop has already released three albums, including today's El Gato The Human Glacier. And while he's near unanimously respected in the game, he managed to do his latest project without features. Suffice it to say, Gucci is feeling more confident than ever, as reflected by one of his recent tweets.

In the wake of El Gato's release, Gucci wrote "No features cause I'm the [Goat emoji]." A simple, yet effective proclamation. Do you feel like Gucci Mane is worthy of entering the conversation. Based off impact alone, he's surely contributed to the game, but what about his discography? If you disagree, however, don't voice your Guwop hate in the presence of Vince Staples. He's clearly got love for El Gato.