The glory days of the rap crew are long behind us, at least to an extent. Yet movements remain, driven by shared ideologies and philosophies. As it happens, Gucci Mane recently linked up with several of his most trusted associates, and took to Instagram to commemorate the occasion. Standing beside two Babies, Lil and Da, as well as Quality Control CEO P, Guwop took a moment to Christen his newfound squadron under a simple, yet effective moniker: "Killers and Dealers."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Without delving into detail, there are many reasons why this moniker works on a variety of levels; rest assured that this is not simple jawing, but rather a testament to each party's respective authenticity. So should you cross their path, be sure to show respect as owed. Many have come to value hip-hop music as a piece of daily life, given how ubiquitous it has become. Yet many of those who practice it are cut from a different cloth altogether, and won't hesitate to remind anyone who bats an unfavorable eye in their direction.

There you have it. Gucci Mane. DaBaby. Lil Baby. P. Men who have accomplished much, formidable in both the streets and the booth. Between the four of them, can you guess the combined net worth?