Gucci Mane dropped his new album for the holidays, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, at Midnight. The album's only features come from Drake, Travis Scott and Bryson Tiller. Coinciding with the album's release, GuWop made his way to The Breakfast Club on Power 105 in NYC, where he discussed his keen ability to A&R and discover new talent, his beef with ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg, and more.

Gucci spoke on the light beef between him and ASAP Ferg (which Ferg later called a miscommunication), big up-ing Flacko at the same time.

"ASAP Rocky the truth man, I see a lot of what I did ASAP Rocky doing in a New York way, still with a lot of flavor on it, but we kinda got on a bad note because of the junk with Ferg. But I wish that me and ASAP the time that I first met him, it was like, 'where your partner at?' As soon as I seen him, he was like 'wassup Gucci I'm a big fan,' I was like, 'where that dude who was with you talking all that junk?' He ain't even get a chance...And I regret that cuz he was a dope, when I was away I got a chance to really hear him. But as soon as he was like, 'wassup,' I'm like, 'hey man is your buddy with you?'" 

The Wop also talks about his last visit to the Power 105 offices, and in the process, exposes Angela Yee for some possible text messages she sent Gucci's way. The radio host firmly denies Gucci's claims that the two "had a history."

"She done tried," Gucci says, when Charlamagne asks if he smashed Yee. "She was on my dick back in the day," he continued, "You did-- you be texting me what hotel was I at and shit like that." 

Angela Yee went on to swear on her unborn child that she never did this. What do you think, judging off their interaction in the interview?

Finally, Gucci sheds light on The 6'ers joint project with Drakethat's been discussed by Zaytoven. "Well, we done recorded two songs since I been out, together, super hard. As far as working on the actual 6'ers album, I done sent him some ideas and he sent me, but it ain't the right time, he working on that More Life album, my album dropped, so hopefully top of the year we can get on top of it."

Watch Gucci put Yee on blast and the full interview below.