In 2014, we were introduced to Gucci Mane's Christmastime alter-ego, East Atlanta Santa, when he dropped a mixtape titled after it. In 2016, the festive figure resurfaced for The Return of East Atlanta Santa. Throughout these holiday seasons, East Atlanta Santa's existence manifested solely in Gucci's music. But now, everyone's favourite trap character has been brought to life. 

Guwop channeled East Atlanta Santa while strolling through the streets of New York City this weekend. He wore a Santa hat and a white fur coat with a red shirt underneath. Of course, El Gato, The Human Glacier, also brought the "Brrrr" by rocking an icy chain around his neck. In a video he posted on Instagram, people shout his name and honk their car horns as he swaggers down the sidewalk. Others dressed in Christmas-themed attire are taken aback by how effortlessly Gucci stole their thunder. Children's jaws dropped the ground as they discovered that East Atlanta Santa is actually real! Gucci's been all about the positive vibes the past few years (aside from that whole DJ Envy debacle in October), but he really outdid himself by spreading holiday cheer like this. 

East Atlanta Santa remembered to treat himself with a Christmas present too: a diamond-encrusted Richard Mille watch.