A high school reunion with Gucci Mane sounds like it has the potential to be a pleasant way to spend your evening. Gucci Mane took to Twitter today to congratulate his high school colleagues on enjoying the 20 years following their high school graduation. The rapper graduated from McNair High School in Atlanta, or as he affectionately calls it, McNasty or Bouldercrest High, twenty years ago in 1998 and he plans to celebrate the anniversary with a reunion of his peers. Of course, the rapper offered to pay for the shindig since, you know, he's a multi-millionaire rapper and is likely the most successful person from his graduating class.

On top of his offer to throw the reunion for his classmates, he also invited anybody who graduated from McNair to the V-103 Car and Bike Show, an event with performances from Atlanta's finest and the coolest custom cars and bikes in the city.  This is a generous offer from Gucci, who previously tweeted that his main goal of 2018 is to enjoy every day of it. Spending a night with Gucci Mane at a high school reunion is bound to make his former classmates enjoy their day, as he is one of ATL's many rap legends.

Gucci is one of the hardest working men in the music industry, consistently gifting his supporters with countless projects and guest features. While none of the Atlanta native's upcoming projects have solid release dates to this point, it looks like Gucci has a big year planned with plenty of collaborations and solo efforts of his own.