Gucci Mane stands among hip-hop's most prolific artists, having recently embarked upon a ludicrous spree of albums. Most recently, Big Guwop delivered Delusions Of Grandeur in June, marking his 14th studio album. And while one might think a few days off would be well-deserved, Gucci's work ethic is simply incapable of slowing down. As such, we're a few weeks out from a brand new Gucci Mane tape, aptly titled Woptoper II. Naturally, the sequel is set to arrive on October 17th, in keeping with the 10/17 movement. 

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter to make the reveal, Gucci shared the playful album cover in the process. Clearly, the man is incapable of relaxation, making sure to wheel and deal in the midst of a full body massage. Yet when one is living the Wop life, how can one not smile accordingly? The man even has a butler on deck, in case of an emergency.

Jovial album artwork aside, we can only hope that Gucci Mane embraces the inherent spookiness of October. By no coincidence, his best album in years proved to be his musically darkest, which is to say the Metro Boomin-produced DroptopwopPerhaps that's simply the Metro effect, though a man can still dream. Who else would appreciate a return for the dark Guwop of "Finesse The Plug" and "Hurt A N****a Feelings?" Either way, look for Woptober II to arrive October 17th.