Gucci Mane is one of the most likable men in hip-hop. He comes off as a genuinely friendly person and his story is remarkable, having made a notable difference in his life and sitting at the top throughout several stages of his career. Somebody else that appears to be authentically amicable is Wiz Khalifa. The two shared an exchange on Twitter proving that they are just as chummy as they resemble. Two largely positive people are almost bound to get along and Gucci and Wiz are proving that to be true.

Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter to randomly blurt out his praises for the Atlanta legend, saying "Gucci Mane is the realest." The remark came from relatively out of nowhere as the two have not announced any collaborations, and there not being much sparking the comments. We have to agree with Wiz though; Gucci has kept it real for over a decade, making hood bangers and mainstream magic all the same. Gucci caught wind of the love, returning the favor by tweeting, "TaylorGang #1017." Guwop referenced both of their respective squads, showing love to everyone in the crew and possibly, very vaguely hinting at an upcoming collaboration.

Could a collab be on the horizon for the two or are they just being their cordial selves and spreading the positive vibes? We're going for the latter as we think Wiz likely just sparked up some green, threw on some vintage Gucci and tweeted at his guy. Regardless, it's nice to be the audience for some positive vibes instead of a beef.