When two of the biggest Gucci aficionados meet up, it's bound to be a flex-off. With Lil Pump skyrocketing into his own after dropping "Gucci Gang," which mentions the luxury brand about a million times throughout the track, Gucci Mane is the only possible man that can rival the 17-year-old's appreciation of the designer. And we think he may take the cake because, well, he literally has Gucci in his name. Regardless of who is the biggest stunter of the pair, they decided to shine together as they did on Pump's "Youngest Flexer," meeting up for a video shoot in Miami.

While it would be questionable timing for Pump to release a video for "Youngest Flexer" with his self-titled debut album far in the past, the Floridian said on his Instagram story that the two linked up to film a music video. This warrants the question of which song the two could be filming visuals for. Could Gucci be making an appearance on the heavily-teased Harvard Dropout mixtape?

Posting a few photos of the two on his Instagram page, Guwop laid down in his casual attire as Pump overlooked the Florida waters. Later uploading a selfie, Gucci shows some behind-the-scenes action of the shoot, using the young rapper's "Esskeetit" ad-lib while they seemingly are surrounded by dancing women. What do you think the two are working on?