By no surprise at all, Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir are still going strong and are still madly in love as they've always been. The hip-hop power couple was spotted this past weekend at Miami's Mr.Jones where sources say they were “super in love” and “really cute" as they danced together all night. Apparently, there were some women at the club fighting for Gucci's attention but he wouldn't take his eyes off of his wife. 

The couple arrived around 1 AM and after getting settled in, Gucci hit the stage and performed “ICE,” “I get the Bag” and “Wake Up in the Sky.” Keyshia and her girlfriends were said to be cheering Gucci on like no other and after Gucci's set, they stayed and danced before heading out at 3:30 AM. “After his performance, they took shots of tequila and danced together until late,” the source added. 

Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

"Keyshia was stunning but it was more than that. I’d been with a lot of pretty girls. There was more to her," Gucci wrote in his memoir The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane, when describing falling in love with Keyshia. "I may have first fell for her beauty, ogling her pictures while I was sitting in the clink, but I quickly began to appreciate her as a person."