You would think that somebody of Gucci Mane's stature in the rap community wouldn't be subjected to action like this but hey, I guess anyone can fall victim to a good ole' chain-snatching. A video is currently being circulated, showing members of the Little Haiti Zoes in Miami flexing with stolen jewelry that allegedly comes from Gucci Mane and his 1017 Eskimo crew. According to VladTV, that clip was recorded a couple of months ago and, since then, the chains have been retrieved. However, the incident is still problematic in several ways.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In the video, one member of the gang says that the rappers forgot to "check in" when they arrived in Miami, which is seen as a cardinal sin in the streets. Much like with a hotel, if you fail to check-in when you arrive in a certain city, you run the risk of getting into gang trouble later on. Case in point, Guwop and his boys got their chains taken from them.

Julio Foolio is among the artists targeted in the snatching incident but he claims to have already handled the situation, getting everyone's possessions back and addressing the situation in his own video. Gucci Mane has not addressed the situation but the chains in the video appear to be in the lower-end of his collection. Wop is a drip god out here, flexing tons of pieces where the diamonds are dancing all over the place. It's entirely possible that Julio Foolio and Mal & Quill were targeted but Gucci Mane's involvement remains uncertain.