A public outcry led by Actor and model Avan Jogia is highly critical of luxury brand Gucci's placement of a turban on a white male model in its most recent unveiling during Milan Fashion Week. Most the noise coming from twitter users looking to protect sacred symbols.

Avan who has walked for other luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, is stupefied by Gucci's to go with a white model when plenty of POC options remained on the table. The garment, less colloquially known as the Dastar, is an article of religious faith, it's aesthetic merit a secondary thought in the lives of many practicing Sikhs.

Gucci has yet to file an official response but they would be hard pressed to find a respectable claim to back their decision. Gucci's presentation of male and female oddities carrying mannequin heads is also not winning a lot of plaudits either. We'll call this one art imitates life: the untouchables. 

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