Guapdad 4000 Talks Finessing Drake, Textbook Manipulation & More On "How To Scam"

Mitch Findlay
August 28, 2019 12:03

The art of the finesse, as explained by the expert himself.

Guapdad 4000 has been falling into the right circles. Could it be chalked up to sheer chance, or rather a series of calculated risks? Given his history as hip-hop's brightest young scammer, having successfully finessed the likes of Drake, all signs point to the latter. We recently caught up with Guap to discuss the controversial lifestyle, and he proceeded to open up about his own personal history. As he tells it, an affinity for scamming ran in the family. "I was learning through my uncle," he reflects. "Who had first started. Then I moved into scamming the industry. I was able to finesse my way into rooms very easily. Rappers didn't consider me a threat because I'm funny."

"I'd just pull up and talk shit, because that's what they expected me to do," he continues. "But I also would be writing a verse. So when I was writing bars, I'd be like 'n***a with your big-ass neck!' and then do my next bar. It was always like that. Winning people over, showing them I'm not a weirdo. That's really the best way. Honestly, the favor chose me. Now that I've got the sauce I can only help to share amongst all the flavorless noodles that are bland human beings."

When asked about his last scam, Guap reveals that it was actually the aforementioned Drake finesse. "He was coming to the Bay, and I got him to perform at a party," says Guap. "I promoted that party, and said it would be something small and intimate. But I promoted it and got the city of San Francisco involved. It was a lot of money, we sold out the tables, 30k each. If you want to get into scamming, you have to have the pizazz, the finesse. You gotta be able to turn yourself into someone else and be that person, like genuinely."

"Sometimes I'm the Ferragamo Falcon, other times I'm the Valentino Viper," he muses. "Most of the time I'm Shia LeBussdown. It goes every way. At the same time, whenever I'm one of those entities, you always gon' know me as that." He also goes practical for a moment, sharing an admittedly malicious "manipulation tactic" for beginners. "A lot of times a person will fall into place if you put him there. But you got to have the balls to put him there. If you want somebody to do something for you, you should ask that person to do something that's two steps ahead of that action, so when they bargain you down or say I don't want to do that, they fall right where you want them to be. You knew they couldn't do the first two."

For more wisdom from Guapdad, be sure to check out the video in full. Look out for that new Guapdad album, coming soon. 

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