Fans are known to get emotionally involved in their favorite artist's personal business and Guapdad 4000 is feeling the wrath of Yung Baby Tate's supporters. We previously reported on the Bay Area rapper getting air time on the latest season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as his relationship—or situationship—with Yung Baby Tate was played out for a global audience. Guapdad received backlash with how he handled letting Tate down gently as he faced accusations that he was gaslighting her.

Tate recently shared a message from someone who said they saw how Guapdad treated her on Love & Hip Hop so they took matters into their own hands when they saw him in person. "I saw that guy that you were dating on lhh he was at my job (Spirit Airlines) with some Asian chick, he had the nerve to ask if I could get them better seats," the person wrote to Tate.

"I was like sorry sir the plane is full then proceeded to give them sh*tty seats," they continued. "F*ck you mean stop playing with Baby Tate,lol I could have kept this to myself but I thought mhmm she might find this amusing lol!" Tate expressed love for her fans but Guapdad didn't find it funny.

"I just found out an employee at @SpiritAirlines denied me access to better seats even though i offered to pay," he tweeted. "Because of a bias she has for a rapper from TV." He added that he was off to attend his brother's wedding during his birthday weekend and said, "Thanks for broadcasting my travel information."

Baby Tate was unfazed and commented on the controversy by sending off a subliminal shot. "Imagine the type of person you have to be to try to get someone fired during a global pandemic," she wrote. Swipe below to read through it all.