Today is the first day of school for most kids in New York and around the world. If you listen closely you can hear parents across the continent breathing a sigh of relief as some free time slips back into their life.

And if you listen even closer you'll hear the flick of a lighter and the crackling of a well-deserved "celebratory joint" out on Vancouver Island. 

According to the National Post, a group of moms had just dropped their kids off for the first day of school when they were pulled over for speeding in the school zone. 

“As soon as she rolled down the window it was pretty evident that the people in that car, or the driver herself, had been smoking a joint prior to being stopped,” Sgt. John Price told CTV Vancouver Island.

“She did admit to smoking a joint, and tried to excuse it away by saying her and some of the other moms this morning had a celebratory joint, celebrating that the kids were back in school.”

Enjoying a quality jazz cigarette celebrating the fact that you made it through an entire Summer with your kids is one thing. But doing that while you're still near the school zone? These kids must've been like Bart Simpson on steroids. 

In the end, the driver reportedly walked away with nothing more than a warning, and wasn't cited for impaired driving because a drug recognition expert said she wasn’t lit enough to warrant charges.