Some things are just distinctly American, like Apple Pie, 90’s rap, and….anti-maskers apparently? That at least seems to be the case with the latest COVID-19 story out of Florida. As the official U.S. death toll approaches 200K, with projected deaths by January 1st, 2020 set at over 400K, some people have reached a breaking point.

Although admittedly, it seems people have reached some diametrically opposed breaking points. Whereas Democrat-led states are typically at the forefront of retaining social distancing requisites, others have decided to showcase their unrest by opposing the common requirement to wear face masks in public.

The viral clip from a Florida Target shows a group of roughly a dozen people walking through the store without masks, with some of them yelling “take off your masks!” and “we’re not gonna take it anymore!”. The clip currently holds over 14.8 million views and has led to Target trending on Twitter.

The participants in the protest were readily criticized on Twitter for their actions, with celebrities and common at-home viewers alike referring to them as “assholes,” “maskholes” “dipshits”, and more for not abiding by Target’s requirement that guests wear masks.

While some have floated a federal mask mandate, President Trump has not expressed ample interest in the subject. He has been criticized for responses ranging from indifference to masks, to leading overall contempt among conservatives against mandates requiring them.

Despite protests, the CDC still recommends wearing a mask and social distancing while in public in order to slow the spread of Coronavirus in America, which has accounted for roughly 25% percent of all COVID-19 deaths worldwide, despite containing only 4% of the world’s human population.