Yellowstone National Park is one of the most gorgeous and wondrous wildlife preserves in the United States, but recently, the famous tourist destination was home to a traumatic incident involving a violent grizzly bear and a lone hiker. After encountering two grizzly bears near the Mammoth Hot Springs, an unidentified hiker was then mauled by one of the bears.

According to Complex, the unidentified 39-year-old hiker reportedly sustained "significant injuries" to the lower half of his body. The attack specifically took place in Beaver Ponds Trail, and miraculously, he was still able to escape and find help. While not much else is currently known about the hiker's wellbeing, he was reportedly transported to Livingston Hospital in Montana.

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Dukas/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Unfortunately, this latest bear attack isn't the first horrifying incident at Yellowstone this year. In April, a grizzly bear mauled an unsuspecting fisherman's scalp and face, and although the fisherman was successfully transported to a hospital, he tragically passed away two days later after suffering from a stroke.

Yellowstone National Park hasn't provided an extensive amount of detail surrounding the recently mauled hiker's accident or any potential plans to prevent similar attacks, but it has reiterated that visitors should always carry bear spray, hike in groups, and occasionally make loud noises to prevent any surprise encounters with bears and other wildlife.