According to his surviving younger brother, Grime pioneer and veteran Major Ace passed away on Sunday (October 8th) after a three year-long bout with a brain tumor.

“My older brother Luke Monero/Major Ace/Majorace Monero Demajor Ace Monero has sadly passed away early hours this morning… I’m in absolute pieces,” wrote Ace’s brother. “He was suffering from a brain tumour for almost 3 years now… me and my mum looked after him every day and it was our pleasure.”

“What a personality and soul he was! I honestly can’t handle any more phone calls but messages are OK… if u knew him or knew of him please share and let everyone know the sad news. I’m so proud of my big bro he achieved so much in his short life! Love u bro forever LEGEND IN THE GAME x.”

Born Luke Monero, Ace was a member of the United Kingdom hip-hop collective, Pay As You Go, and has been credited with bringing the Grime subgenre to prominence in the early 2000s alongside the likes of Riko Dan, God’s Gift, Wiley, Plague A Lero, Flow Dan, DJ Target, DJ Slimzee, and DJ Geenius.

The group found success in their 2001 hit “Champagne Dance” only a year before disbanding. Nonetheless the group’s and Ace’s influence remain, permeating the careers of the genre’s top artists today. Our condolences go out the family and friends of the Grime legend. Check out Hip-Hop’s tributes to the late emcee below.