Gregg Popovich is a legendary NBA coach who may go down as the best to ever do it. He's an intense guy who doesn't typically speak to the media all that much. He's a man of few words but if a referee makes a bad call, you better believe he'll speak up. Well, that's exactly what happened on Wednesday night when he was unhappy with an apparent miscall on Denver Nuggets player Paul Millsap. Popovich called a timeout and berated the ref who quickly gave him two technical fouls and tossed him out of the game just 63 seconds in. According to ESPN, that ejection broke an NBA record for quickest ever.

While Coach Pop didn't have much to say about it after the game, he decided to crash the post-game interview of Nuggets coach Michael Malone to joke about what had just happened. Here's how the interaction went down:

Malone: "We were just talking about an NBA record that was set tonight."

Popovich: "What was the record? What happened?"

Malone: "Somebody got thrown out in 63 seconds."

Popovich: "Are you serious? That person must have hit somebody. Somebody get hit tonight? Somebody get cursed at or anything?''

The San Antonio Spurs went on to lose the game 113-85 although the team is still guaranteed a playoff spot.