Gregg Popovich has been one of the best coaches in the NBA for just about 20 years now. Popovich won his first title with the San Antonio Spurs back in 1999 and has won five overall. He has been a beacon of consistency for a franchise that has dominated over the last few decades. 

It's been contemplated by many in sports media when the Popovich dynasty would eventually end. The coach is now 70 years old and is in the prime age to retire. According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, Popovich's retirement could be coming sooner than later.

When asked about if he wants to come back next season, Popovich said: “I don’t know the answer.”

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Back in 2014, Popovich signed a five-year contract extension that ends this season. This would perfectly set him up to retire after the season ends since he won't have any obligations to the team. 

Team president R.C. Buford isn't pressuring coach Pop to come back saying “He’ll coach as long as he wants to coach.”

The San Antonio Spurs are 26-20 this season and are sixth place in the Western Conference. Popovich and his team last made it to the NBA Finals in 2014 when they beat the Miami Heat in five games.