Greg Hardy is a controversial man when it comes to his past. Hardy went through a domestic violence scandal while he was playing for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL and was eventually blacklisted from the league because of it. Since then, Hardy has taken up mixed martial arts where he now competes in the UFC. Hardy was 3-0 in MMA before his first UFC fight back in January where he was disqualified for an illegal knee to the head of his opponent

Since then, Hardy was granted another fight which went down on Saturday against Dmitrii Smoliakov. Hardy ended up winning the fight with ease after a first-round TKO. Hardy spoke to TMZ Sports where they asked him about his future plans in the sport and when exactly he plans to fight next.

"As soon as possible, dude," Hardy said simply. The former NFLer says he has been training nonstop to make sure he gets better and can continue to compete at a high level.

After his fight on Saturday, Hardy explained how he didn't want to make the same mistakes he did in January.

"I wanted to make sure it wasn't the same as last time," Hardy said. "Every day, I'm getting better. Every month, I'm getting more violent, more nasty in the Octagon, more humble and peaceful outside of it. I'm just coming into my own. I love this sport."