Green Day tried to get creative with an advertisement for their new album that came out on Friday, Father Of All..., but ended up getting clowned for it instead. On a billboard, the band promoted their first record in four years with the following descriptors:


I know. There's a lot to unpack here. First off, it's pretty common that rock bands don't recruit guest features for their projects. No one was perusing the Father Of All... tracklist for Gunna's name, but it probably would have spiced things up. Considering Swedish songwriters are most prominent in the realm of pop, no one was expecting any to contribute to a Green Day record either! You're Billie Joe Armstrong, not Taylor Swift! The weird flex that appears to be grinding most people's gears on Twitter is that the album includes not a single trap beat. Yes, trap influences have seeped into other musical genres, traces of which can often be found in today's pop and R&B. However, trying to market your album by bashing the most popular trend in music at the moment just gives off serious "Boomer energy" at best - as one Twitter user remarked - and racist undertones at worst. Lastly, who even listens to "pure uncut rock" these days?

Check out some reactions to the billboard below.