Grayson Allen is bringing his bad boy image to the Pros. In Just his 2nd Summer League appearance, the Utah Jazz rookie set off an altercation between his side and Trae Young's Atlanta Hawks. The play occurred when Trae caught a pass at the top of the arch only to be met by Grayson's stiff defence. As Trae motioned to shoot, both players locked arms with Grayson effectively choosing to pull his man down.

Young tried to wrestle free but Grayson wouln't let up, resulting in the Atlanta Hawks guard shoving his right arm into Allen's lower back. Grayson then retaliated with a 'Zidanesque' headbutt to the chest, bringing tension and emotion to the scene. Eventually all players on the floor became implicated as referees intervened at the behest of NBA rules.

Grayson Allen and Trae Young were both assessed a technical foul, with the Utah Jazz guard receiving an additional personal foul for instigating the scuffle. Allen's disciplinary record was the talk of town during his tenure at Duke University, Coach K once choosing to suspend him indefinitely to avoid a distraction. Trae Young on the other hand, arrives in Atlanta Hawks with high expectations, though questions remain of his toughness and his lack of combativeness (defensively).