Last night, users on KanyeToThe and Reddit grabbed a video posted on the Instagram story of account @soleout. The video shows A$AP Bari, founder and creative director of streetwear brand VLONE, in a hotel room standing over a bed with a man and a woman in it. The man is allegedly Bari’s assistant, according to his words.

Bari asks, “The fuck is in there, the fuck is you two doing?” He then instructs them to “get up” and tells the girl to go into the bathroom. She says “no” and “stop” multiple times but Bari removes the covers, revealing she is completely naked. She eventually gets up and runs to the bathroom while beginning to cry, as Bari tells her, “you fucked my assistant, now you suck my dick," slaps her ass and tells her to "shut the fuck up, bitch." Text on the video reads, “what that mouth do bitch.”

The video has since been deleted from the Instagram story, but it has been re-uploaded elsewhere. Bari responded by tweeting that the videos were edited to be “fake” and then deleted the tweets, which can be seen below. A Twitter account claiming to be the girl has responded to the allegations, but the tweets are likely impersonating the girl.

This is the second incidence of potential sexual assault that has befallen members of the A$AP Mob collective, the first being Ian Connor’s long list of sexual accusers. Last summer, A$AP Bari and Theophilus London got into a scuffle with Ian Connor at a VLONE’s first in-store event in Paris, leading to Bari calling Connor a rapist.

Many parts of this story are disturbing, not the least of which is the fact that the video was seemingly uploaded to flex and show off, although it quickly became clear this was as dry a dry-snitch as has ever existed. A$AP Bari’s VLONE brand has been collaborating with Nike lately, but that partnership may not last much longer. No one from A$AP Mob has weighed in yet.