Bane is one of Batman's most feared villains. The monstrous bad guy is credited with being the only villain who "broke the bat," after his "Knightfall" storyline led to Bane literally breaking Batman's spine. In DC Comic lore, Bane is the son of a criminal who escaped the judicial system. The criminal's son is left to serve a prison sentence, and it's within the jail's walls that a young Bane learns the ropes. His voracious appetite for reading and learning helped him reach a level of intellect that rivals Batman's. Couple that with immense strength and the venom serum that pumps through his blood, and you have a fearful foe.

Fox's hit series Gotham is approaching its final episodes. The series is currently diving into the "No Man's Land" storyline where the city is divided up by criminals as the US government steps back and lets Gotham fall into darkness. Although Gotham is already packed with villains, the series will be introducing actor Shane West as Bane for the final season. Gotham writer and producer Tze Chun took to Twitter on Monday to share the first look at West as Bane. The new costume doesn't look like anything we've seen Bane wear in the past. While the familiar mouthpiece is in place, the wires, chest plate, shoulder pads, and haircut seem a bit awkward. What do you think?