A little over a month ago, the British cartoon ban Gorillaz announced that their latest album would be titled The Now Now, and it would be released this Friday, June 29th.

Since then, the "group" has been releasing song after song, leading up to the album's release date. From the light and summery "Humility" to the slow and lumbering "Fire Flies," the new album is sounding pretty good, but it will be surprising rapper-free for a Gorillaz album. The Snoop Dogg-assisted "Hollywood" notwithstanding, of course.

If those tracks managed to get your excitement up for the new album, you might be in luck. Yesterday, the Gorillaz performed the entirety of their new album on YouTube, during their Boiler Room performance in Tokyo.

The entire 48-minute performance is now available to stream on YouTube at your convenience, but don't wait too long. The description in the video says that the stream will only be looping for the following 24 hours before its taken down. Given that the album is coming out in a couple days, there wont be long to wait regardless. Still, any Gorillaz super fan should be jumping at the chance to hear the new album early, even if it is a live performance version.

If you still can't get enough of the Gorillaz, you might want to check out the lineup to their upcoming Demon Dayz Festival in Los Angeles, which will feature artists such as Erykah Badu, The Internet, and DRAM. Check out the Boiler Room performance below.