At the beginning of the week, Gorillaz cemented their return and hinted that an album could really, really be on the way, with the release of the multi-media story, "The Book of Noodle." They're ending the week on a similar note, with the release of a new story, "The Book of Russel."

Where "The Book of Noodle" was centered on the group's guitarist, Noodle, "The Book of Russel" focuses on their drummer. In this story, Russel multiples in size by sixty times as he swims from Plastic Beach, with Noodle on his back. Due to his large size, he was mistaken for a whale at some point, and was harpooned-- despite an attempt to break free, he was unsuccessful and ended up being displayed in a museum.

Read the full story via their tweets below, to find out what happens to Russel from there. In related news, it was also announced today that Noodle is a global ambassador for Jaguar. 

We'll keep you posted on any album news.