The Gorillaz have released four albums since 2001, the last one being The Fall in late 2010. During that stretch, they became fixtures in the worlds of rock, hip-hop, electronica, and of course, visual art, as Gorillaz is technically a band of cartoon characters created by Jamie Hewlett. All of the music comes from the mind of British musician Damon Albarn, the frontman for the (real) band Blur. Gorillaz announced their reunion at the beginning of 2015, and they began working on their next album in the fall of the same year. Fast-forwarding to last month, a Gorillaz collaborator named Remi Kabaka, who plays the voice of the cartoon band's drummer, revealed that Vic Mensa has been in the studio with Albarn. 

Today, fans have finally received some more details regarding the next album, as Hewlett told the GorillazNorthAmerica fanpage that the still-untitled project will be ready in 2017. By placing the upcoming release somewhere within the bounds of 2017, he didn't do much to ease fans' restlessness. But he did say, however, that the album will be "special, really fuckin' special." Don't expect too many more details than that, but the Gorillaz brand of seamlessly curated audio-visual works of art can be trusted, so it's safe to say that whatever arrives in 2017 will be worth the wait.