Now that she's learned a valuable lesson about hairspray versus super glue as haircare products, Tessica Brown has struggled with her newfound fame. Brown quickly became a viral sensation after she posted a video to TikTok claiming that her hairstyle hadn't moved in a month because she used the super adhesive Gorilla Glue on her hair, causing a firestorm of social media responses. Her GoFundMe amassed tens of thousands of dollars and reports alleged that she planned on suing the company, but Brown would come forward to deny claims that she used the opportunity as a money-earning front.

Brown's case has become a hot topic for pop culture commentators, and she has heard a few of the remarks made by LisaRaye McCoy that rubbed her the wrong way. "I don't care how ghetto you are or how slow you are that you can't even read or whatever and any of all of that," LisaRaye previously stated. "You know better. You should have asked somebody."

In a sit-down interview with DeAsia Robinson, @YesThatsDee, for The Neighborhood Talk, Tessica Brown called out the actress. “LisaRaye, they say she had a lot to say,” said Brown. Then, she mentioned McCoy's role on The Player's Club. "You don’t even know me. You’re judging me? You know, I like—you gon give us Diamond? You know what I’m saying?"

However, McCoy's sister Da Brat and the rapper's fiancée, Jesseca DuPart, apparently were kinder with their response. "But her sister, Da Brat, and her girlfriend, oh they sent me a whole box of Miracle Drops. Everything off their product line.” Swipe below to hear Brown speak about the actress and answer a few more questions about what it felt like being criticized by the entire world.